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In accordance with the laws of Russia and EAEU, products sold on the market of these countries and subject to confirmation of compliance should necessarily pass laboratory tests in appropriately accredited laboratories. The results of these laboratory tests are the basis for issuing the EAC certification, the GOST R certification, the registration of the EAC declaration and other forms of products conformity.


Local accreditation required

To confirm the conformity of products on the territory of Russia and EAEU countries, laboratory tests protocols of laboratories accredited by the Federal Service for Accreditation of the Russian Federation (RusAccreditation) or national accreditation bodies of the EAEU countries are adopted. In this case, such national accreditation, according to established rules, can only be obtained by a laboratory located on the territory of these countries. Thus, production test reports conducted outside the territory of Russia and EAEU are not accepted and foreign manufacturers should send their products for testing to accredited laboratories located on the territory of EAEU.

Procedure for laboratory tests conducting :

ILT LTD will help you:
Determine what laboratory tests you need to pass the EAC certification, EAC declaration or GOST R certification,
determine the standards of GOST R and GOST, for compliance with which your products should be tested,
determine whether the laboratories have a necessary area for the dissemination of accreditation by the Russian Accreditation Agency or another body for accrediting the EAEU countries,
organize the products delivery, fill out an application, pay for and conduct laboratory tests in an accredited laboratory,
obtain the necessary laboratory test protocols for your products,
provide you with the required EAC certifications or GOST R Certifications.

NB!! While conducting EAC certification or declaration, accredited laboratory tests protocols are the main document confirming compliance. In the event that the supervisory authorities find the discrepancy between laboratory tests and the requirements for their improper registration, EAC certifications and declarations are canceled and products can not be sold on the territory of Russia and the EAEU countries .

We offer complete solutions:

Laboratory testing is one of the most important components of the complex of measures to confirm compliance for the output of products to the market of Russia and the EAEU countries. ILT LTD will provide you with a comprehensive service to verify the compliance of your products, which includes:
01 On the basis of the received application, analysis of product information, identification of the required type and certification or declaration scheme, standards and requirements for products laboratory testing, other requirements necessary for importation of products on the territory of Russia and EAEU countries (for example, for automobile chassis, mandatory approval and state type registration, etc.)
02 We organize products testing in accredited laboratory in accordance with the legislation of Russia and EAEU countries in the amount necessary for further processing of documents on compliance confirmation.
03 In the absence of an official EAC representative on the territory of the EAEU, which can be an applicant under the laws of Russia and the EAEU countries, we provide service to fulfill the function of a representetive on the territory of the EAEU for the purposes of products certification.
04 After agreeing the type and scheme of certification confirmation and resolving the issue with the presence of an official representative on the territory of the EAEU, we conclude an agreement for the performance of the necessary work and conduct work and provide the Customer with the appropriate EAC certifications or EAC declarations, GOST R certifications, as well as laboratory test reports for laboratories accredited in EAEU and extracts from single registers of registered EAC certifications or EAC declarations.

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