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05.06.2015  1 min read

Updated: March 3, 2021 ILT Ltd

Join S.A.F.E.R.

Phase one of membership is open to both manufacturers and distributors of substances. Please fill out my form below to join The S.A.F.E.R. Chemical Initiative™ and to help save lives.
Here are a few of the additional benefits you'll receive access to by joining our initiative:


*The Free Safety Data Sheet Distribution System for Chemical Manufacturers™ (including distributors)
* A link to use on your website to point your visitors directly to your Safety Data Sheets
* Access to downstream user data
* The Free Safety Data Sheet Inventory System for Chemical Users™ (available to you and your downstream users)
* The Free Risk Assessment System for Chemical Users™
* You'll receive The International Chemical Safety Distribution Certificate™
* You'll be included in The International Chemical Distributors Approved Supply List™
* You'll be able to proudly display our logo on your company website and promotional material

Thank you for being committed to improving the safety of others and helping to save lives.

Join S.A.F.E.R.

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