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About the EAC certification and declration

EAC (EuroAsian Conformity) - common obligatory certification/declaration system with the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union (TR CU), Obligatory TR СU certification or declaration is necessary for products entry to the single market of the Eurasian Econimic Union member states. On the moment Eurasian Economic Union incudes such countires as:
01 The Republic of Armenia,
02 The Republic of Belarus,
03 The Republic of Kazakhstan,
04 The Republic of Kyrgyzstan,
05 The Russian Federation.
The process is held based on the list of the products of TR CU, as obligatory EAC certification or EAC declaration. This process is performed by specialised organizations with applicable accreditation that has been issued by EAEU members national accreditation servises - certification bodies (e.g. Russian national accreditation body is RusAccreditation). The conformity assessment schemes, in general, reminds the schemes of the EU's New and Global Approach (CE marking) that has been establshied in the European Union in the beginning of 90th of XX century. Dispite of some similiarities, of course, these systems have a lot of significant differences that must be known for successful entrance to EAEU markets. Import of products and commodities to the market of Eurasian Economic Union member states without certification / declaration (if it is obligatory by the requirements of the relevant TRCU) is strictly prohibited and is prosecuted according to law. Currently, 40+ approved EAEU TRCU cover most of the production and commodities importing the countries of Eurasian Economic Union.
Regulations contain the requirements related to safety and it's ensurance and do not cover issues of quality level, consumer properties, etc,
Some products are subjects to obligatory conformity assessment by two or more Technical Regulations, and also requires state registration (e.g. chemicals, including household chemicals). The receipt and registration in a single register of a EAC certificate/declaration of conformity ensures the products unhindered market access to the single market of EAEU.


Types of EAC conformity assessment schemes

EAC certification
This is a type of conformity assessment to the requirements of TRCU. EAC certification shall be done by an authorised body with appropriate scope of accreditation. The certification body:
receives a quatation request the authorised by special agreement resident of one of the EAEU member state (official representative of producer) (see more detail about official representative);
conducts products information analysis;
conducts review of lab tests reports conducted by suitably accredited labs
for a some schemes, the experts of the certification body conduct on-ste audit of the producer's manufacturing site;
in case of successful results, the authorised CB issues an Certificate of conformity and registers the certificate in the Single Register of EAC Certificates.

EAC declaration
This is a type of conformity assessment to the requirements of TRCU on the part of the producer and authorised by special agreement resident of one of the EAEU member state (official representative of producer). In the process of declaration the producer and the representing it legal entity or person (see more details about official representative):
independently prepares the pack of documents required for EAC declaration;
ensures the requied reports availability for products laboratory tests from authorized labs with appropriate national recognition;
draws up the Declaration of Conformity (using uniform and approved declaration template);
registers the declaration with the number of documents in a Single Register of EAC Declarations;
It shall be known that the authorised body has the right to take up a number of manufacturer functions while declaring.
ЕАС certification/declaration can be held with several schemes - e.g. single products, batch, mass production, etc.

Rejection letter

Accoring to EAEU legislation, only production specified in the TRCU (that come into force) must have EAC certification or declaration. Those products that are out of the list can go to the market without EAC mark (but you are strongly recommended clarify if there are no additional national directives concerning certification, registration by appropriate governmental authority, lab testing, licensing, etc.).
When some commodity comes to the custom without certificate/declaration, custom officer must be sure that this product is not a subject of EAC certification or declaration.
To ensure this process easier and faster we provide our clients official rejection letter from accredited CB (or in some cases another authorities) that the product is not a subject of EAC certification/declaration.
Having this official rejection letter from authorised organization you are sure that you won't have a problems with product during the custom control processes as well as realization and trading.
01 We get details from the producer or supplier about the products that it want to supply to the Eurasian Economic Union (in abbreviated form - EAEU) (download quatation request form ). The more information concerning the producer or suppler can provice us on this step, the more quickly and detailed we will provide comprehensive details about the requrements to this product, prices and time for certification as well as other necessary steps.
02 We perform an initial review and determine if the products is the object of the mandatory directives, the availability of appropriate TR CU, the type of conformity assessment according to TR CU or other mandatory directives and requirements (e.g. ЕАС certification, GOST R certification, etc.), certification scheme, obligations. At this stage we provide information concerning requirements that must be fulfilled to products supply to the Russian and the Union markets. If your product is not a subject of obligatory certification/declaration, you may need to receive Rejection letter on behalf of authorised certification body with the appropriate accreditation scope (or, sometimes - from governmental authority). Rejection letter can be asked during custom control procedures.
03 If the producer has no agreement with the resident of EAEU member state which can represent it as EAC representative and which can be an applicant by the directives and legislation of Russia and the EAEU countries, we provide a service to fulfill the function of a representative on the territory of the EAEU for the purposes of product certification.
04 After agreeing of the scheme, requirements, TRCU, and resolving the issue with the presence of an official representative on the territory of Economic Union, we conclude an agreement for the performance of the work to be done, conduct work and provide the Customer with the appropriate certificates/declarations or GOST R, also reports of laboratory with applicable scope of the Union member state national accreditation and extracts from single registers of registered EAC certificates/declarations.

NB!! We pay attention of our clients and partners to the fact that if EAC Certificates or Declarations are issued incorrectly or with mistakes, their absence in common bases of declarations and certificates, the laboratory reports mismatch with the directives of TRCU, licence and/or state registration non-availability in addition to certification can lead to the suspension or prohibition of your products supply, fines and litigation. Proffesionals qualification and skills of ILT LTD, ability to work in the world market with exterior manufacturers from different states and regions of Europe, Asia and America and our impeccable business reputation will allow you to avoid the mistakes and guarantee unhindered entry of your production to the market of Russia as well as EAEU.

EAC marking of products

After getting the Certificate or Declaration, producer must mark it's product by special mark. Please note that without placing the mark on the product it can't be send or operated on the Russian and the Union market even it is already has necessary certification or declaration. EAC mark must be placed not only on the product but on the supprting documents (e.g. passport of commodity, etc.) as well.
If certified or declared product is not marked by correct governmentally established mark that stricltly follows all the requirements, sales of the product on the market can be stopped and producer and its' representative will have to pay a very high fines.
Among the rules of EAC marking are:
Minimum size of mark - not less then 5 mm.,
Mark must be seen in the scope of all periond of shelf life of product,
All symbols must be of one size,
Other signs and marks on the product or package shall not discourage to see the mark,
ILT LTD will help you to understand and fulfill the directives with regards to the marking of commodities and appropriate supporting set of docs by the EAC mark.

Single registers of EAC certificates and declarations

As it was already noted above, each EAC certificate as well as each declaration must be registered in according Register. During the custom control procedures, working on the market any interested party can easily check does provided certificate or declaration is valid (has registration in the Register).
These Registers are establshed and maintained by national governmental authorities of the Union member states in the scope of common directives and laws of the Union.
Our clients can be sure that the documents we issue are registered in the appropriate Register.
You can visit these register and check registration of current eac certification or declaration of your production or, for instance, of production of your partner (please note that all information is in Russian language).

Projects of new TRCU

Eurasian Economic Comission, autority that responsible for TRCU continually renew establsihed regulations and developing the one to cover and integrate all products in single EAEU technical regulation system.
On the moment the following TRCU are in projects:
On safety of light rail and tramway transport,
On safety of subway (metro),
On safety of high-voltage equipment.
These documents will come into force after approval by the national parlaments of EAEU members and Comission and transitional period.

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