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Chemical Safety Development Fund™

The ICSDF aims to improve the delivery of chemical safety worldwide by correcting imbalances between regional safety regulations that negatively affect the safety of people. The ICSDF focuses its investments on several key priority areas. This is known as 'thematic concentration':

* Awareness and training; * Safety Data Sheets and chemical risk assessment; * Professional support; * Reward and recognition.

The ICSDF resources allocated to these priorities will depend on the specific person or business. Awareness and training, at least 50% of funds; Safety Data Sheets and chemical risk assessment, maximum 20% of funds. Furthermore, some ICSDF resources must be channelled specifically towards professional support projects: Safety consultant partnerships: 15%; Service development (including SaaS): 5%; and Businesses involved in the chemical industry: 5%. ICSDF are currently supporting the following projects: The S.A.F.E.R. Chemical Initiative™ Free Online Safety Training & SDS Management The New International Chemical Safety Training Standard™ Protect the NHS Funding is available to everyone and by application only. To apply you must: Be responsible for the safety of someone using hazardous substances Be prepared to learn and/or prove your competence in chemical safety Uphold the high standards of safety that members of IACS demonstrate I look forward to helping you protect those in your care from preventable accidents.


~ Stay safe


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