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Organizations that work or just consider the possibility of working in the markets of Russia, the EAEU and CIS countries face a lot of difficulties caused by factors such as the language barrier, differences in legislation and certification requirements, peculiarities of business and cultural communication, etc.
ILT LTD offers you support in the development of business in these markets from conducting market research and organizing meetings and potential clients and partners, to opening a representative office and delivering products or services.


Contact us if you need to:

  • Hold market research on the demand for your products or services. We will involve the best experts in market research in your area and will provide you with reliable and adequate information about the state of the market. We will also be able to provide you with the results of studies already held (if any) that will help you not to hold an independent market research and, at the same time, make the right decision.
  • Find potential partners or buyers. Very often, for successful business development and entering a new market, it is necessary to make the right first step and find partners in the local market that together with you will develop your business. Our connections, knowledge and experience will help you find potential business partners with whom you can start developing your business together.
  • Register a representative office or a subsidiary company. Registration of a legal entity with foreign participation in Russia, the EAEU countries is a fairly simple procedure for specialists with relevant experience, but for those who encounter this for the first time this can cause difficulties. We quickly and on favorable terms will ensure you not only the registration of the company, but also its accounting, personnel, legal and other support.
  • Pick up personnel to work in the Russian market, the EAEU and CIS countries. The success of our work is our employees. We will help you to attract the necessary management and working personnel, make a preliminary selection, organize or conduct interviews, provide personnel support.
  • Organize the translation of necessary documents. For work in Russia, EAEU and CIS countries, you will need a large number of translations - technical documentation, advertising materials, legislative acts, as well as the services of competent and independent interpreters.
  • Get legal services on local legislation. As in any country, the legislation in Russia, EAEU and CIS countries has its own specifics. The qualified assistance of our lawyers will allow you to avoid violation of the law or minimize the damage in case this happens, and also help to adequately assess all existing risks and make correct informed decisions.
  • Successfully hold a business meeting with representatives of government or business. At the initial stages of business development, you may need a partner who knows the specifics and is able to conduct business negotiations, who knows the appropriate language and knowledge of legislation and the business environment. This will allow you to get more results from the negotiations, avoid fraud by scammers.
  • Get the necessary certificates, licenses, work permits. Without obtaining certificates, licenses, registrations and other permits, you will not be able to conduct business or import products into our markets. We will provide you with advice on these issues, as well as all the necessary documents.
  • Get the services of a customs broker and other services in the field of logistics. The territory of Russia, EAEU and CIS is huge, and underdeveloped infrastructure can create significant problems and costs in the products transportation. In addition, complex customs clearance rules can also become a significant obstacle to business development. We will provide you with highly qualified services in the field of logistics and customs broker, organize the optimal schemes for the products supply and distribution.


Knowledge of the market and the specifics of the organization and successful business in Russia, the EAEU and CIS countries, cultural and business characteristics, the availability of high-level specialists will all allow the ILT to provide real assistance in business development!

By creating and developing business in Russia, EAEU and CIS countries you will find in our person an honest, reliable and impartial partner and assistant that will help you avoid a lot of risks, minimize costs and start a successful business!

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